Does Nice n Easy Damage Hair?

By Bob Jones Jun2,2023
does nice n easy damage hair
does nice n easy damage hair

At-home hair colour has long been shrouded with stigma due to concerns that it will damage locks. But Nice n Easy has revolutionised this industry by creating a safe formula that’s suitable for use at home – their permanent colour contains damage-blocking technology as well as conditioners at every step.

1. It’s a dye

Clairol Nice’n Easy has revolutionized at-home hair dye kits by eliminating their previously associated with difficulty and harsh chemicals, taking all of the guesswork out of applying permanent color at home. Their revolutionary damage blocking technology helps prevent further hair damage and breakage with conditioners integrated at every step of their patented permanent dye formula; plus they created an easy no drip creme formula to provide shiny natural-looking color coverage 100% grey coverage!

2. It’s a conditioner

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy recently introduced a permanent hair dye line featuring conditioners at every step of the coloring process, featuring ME+ molecules designed to protect hair against damage during coloring as well as EDDS technology which encases copper so that it doesn’t react with water and other free radicals that could potentially damage it further. As a result, this color offers allergy-friendly yet rich and dimensional 100% gray coverage while leaving hair looking healthy! Check out all available shades here.

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