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By Bob Jones Jan10,2023

When ordering a keto-friendly meal from Jersey Mike’s, it’s important to know the basics. Start by choosing your preferred sub, such as the turkey breast or roast beef. If you’re looking for something a little different, opt for a “sub in a tub,” which is served without bread and topped with lettuce. You can also order your sub in a wrap instead of on bread. When it comes to toppings, select only those that are keto-friendly, such as peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Keep in mind that some condiments—like mayonnaise—are high in carbs and should be avoided when following a keto diet. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to ordering delicious and satisfying meals from Jersey Mike’s.

Jersey Mikes’s Keto Options

If you are looking for a delicious and keto-friendly meal at Jersey Mike’s, it’s easy to order with confidence. Start by selecting the type of sub you want: beef, roast beef, cheesesteak, or turkey. Then decide if you want your sandwich in a tub or on a roll. Next, choose your toppings such as tomato, pepper, lettuce and onion. Finally, select the condiments that fit into your nutritional plan such as mayo, olive oil, red wine vinegar and bacon. To keep the net carbs down, opt for provolone cheese instead of American. Total up the carbs (1g-3g per serving) to ensure that each serving is no more than 11g of net carbs. With a few simple steps you can create a tasty keto-style sandwich from Jersey Mike’s that will satisfy both your cravings and your nutritional goals.


Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu

The Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu is perfect for those looking to maintain a low-carb lifestyle. The menu consists of healthy and indulgent options that are tailored specifically to the keto diet. It offers macro-friendly options such as subs, wraps, and salads with all-natural meats, cheese, and vegetables. All of these items are made with high quality ingredients and have minimal carbs. Jersey Mike’s Keto Menu also offers side dishes like zucchini chips and keto-friendly cookies for a sweet treat. With its wide selection of delicious meals and snacks, you can enjoy all the benefits of a low carb lifestyle without compromising on taste or nutrition.

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Can I have Jersey Mike’s on the keto diet?

Jersey Mike’s is a popular fast food place, but can it be part of a keto diet? The keto diet consists of high fat and protein and low carb, so yes, it is possible to have Jersey Mike’s on the keto diet. You just need to be mindful of your daily carb count and choose from the menu options that are low in carbs. For example, you could order a sub in a tub which contains meat without the bun or you could also order any other type of sandwich with no bread. Additionally, you should avoid sides like chips since they are high in carbs. If you keep an eye on your carb count and check out Jersey Mike’s menu for keto options, then you can definitely enjoy delicious meals at this fast food place while staying within your diet goals.


What’s a sub in a tub?

A sub in a tub is a type of sandwich commonly found at Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants. It consists of freshly sliced meats, cheeses, and vegetables piled between two slices of freshly baked bread. Sub in a tub sandwiches are popular with health-conscious eaters because they are low in net carbs – carbohydrates that the body cannot break down – as compared to other types of sandwiches. This makes it easier for people to watch their carb intake while still enjoying a delicious sandwich. Furthermore, the freshness and quality ingredients make for a truly enjoyable meal.



Jersey Mike’s Low Carb Cold Subs

At Jersey Mike’s, we have Keto Cold Subs that are sure to satisfy any carb-conscious dieter. Our subs have a net carb count of just 1g! We start with a base of lettuce and tomato, then add onion and mayo for flavor. To top it off, we add 3g of provolone and your choice of cold cuts – roast beef, turkey or ham. We finish the sub with a touch of vinegar and spice to bring out all the flavors. With just 11g of carbs per sub, you can enjoy an amazing sandwich without worrying about your carb count! Plus, our subs can be served as salads too, so you can enjoy all the same flavors without the bread. So come visit us at Jersey Mike’s and try our delicious Keto Cold Subs today!

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Jersey Mike’s Keto Hot Subs

Jersey Mike’s Keto Hot Subs are an excellent choice for those following a keto diet. All subs come with very low carb counts and net carbs, making it easy to stay within your dietary needs while still enjoying delicious meals. Their most popular hot subs include the Cheesesteak and Philly Cheesesteak, both of which have only 1g of carbs per sub. Their Chicken Philly has only 2g of net carbs and 11g of total carbs, though that is a little higher due to the bacon and cheese in the sandwich. There are also many salad options such as lettuce, provolone, swiss, and more that can be added to any sub for a satisfying meal without breaking your macros. Jersey Mike’s subs are always fresh and delicious, so you can enjoy them with confidence knowing you’re still on track with your keto diet!



Jersey Mike’s Keto Beverages

Jersey Mike’s is a great place to go for keto-friendly beverages. Whether you’re looking for something to sip on while you’re out or just want something refreshing and delicious, Jersey Mike has you covered. Their keto offerings are both tasty and healthy, with options from diet sodas and teas to flavored waters and classic pepper soda. For those looking for a more natural alternative, Jersey Mike also offers low-calorie drinks like herbal teas and juices. It’s the perfect way to stay on track with your keto diet while enjoying the convenience of having your favorite beverages always available.


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