What is the Best Water For a Neti Pot?

What is the Best Water For a Neti Pot?

best water for neti pot

You may be wondering what is the best water for a neti pot. There are several reasons for using the proper water to rinse out your nasal cavity. One of the biggest reasons is to avoid bacteria and other low-level organisms. It is important to use distilled, boiled, or specially-filtered water when using a neti pot. Even bottled water can contain harmful chemicals. This can negatively impact your health in other ways.

Several manufacturers recommend distilled or filtered water for use in neti pots. Tap water may contain bacteria, which stomach acids destroy. However, the bacteria can remain and cause bad results in your nasal passages. This is why the instructions usually tell you to boil or filter water. If you cannot afford distilled water, you should use boiled water. The FDA recommends that you boil your water for at least a minute before using it.

Using a neti pot can be uncomfortable for some people. The water must be warm enough so it does not burn your sinuses. Leaning over a sink is an ideal position. While leaning over, tilt your head to the side so your ear is level with your chin or slightly higher. Pour half of the water into your upper nostril and blow it out the other. If you experience burning or stinging, you should dilute the solution to less than half its strength.

It is also important to remember that neti pot water can be contaminated with amoebas. In a recent study, a woman from Louisiana who was repeatedly using a neti pot with non-sterile tap water died from an infection caused by the bacteria. The resulting infection is called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis, which kills the brain tissue. While this is extremely rare, it is still worth noting.

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