Why Are Smoothies Healthy For You?

By Bob Jones Sep20,2022

Smoothies are high in antioxidants, which may prevent cell damage. But consuming too much of this antioxidant can also damage cells. It’s a good idea to choose fruit smoothies that are high in antioxidants and add dark leafy greens, which contain fiber, calcium, and powerful phytochemicals. Additionally, smoothies can be filled with protein, which helps control blood sugar levels.

One drawback of smoothies is that they contain lots of sugar. Adding too much can cause the blood sugar level to spike and crash. That’s why you should only drink smoothies at mealtimes. However, smoothies do count as one of your daily five servings of fruits and vegetables.

why are smoothies healthy for you

Another drawback of smoothies is that they are high in calories. Even green smoothies can add unwanted calories. They can also contain sugar and fat. That’s why it’s important to choose smoothies made with fruit and vegetables that are low in sugar and high in fiber. But there are still many other benefits of smoothies.

A smoothie can contain as much as a pound of fruit, which is far more than a serving of raw fruit. This excess fruit in smoothies adds additional calories, sugar, and carbohydrates. Also, smoothies should be 8-10 ounces, and many pre-made smoothies contain as much as 24 ounces of liquid. Some of the fruits are overloaded with other ingredients that don’t need to be included.

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